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- PCS believes in the combined expertise of our whole team. Our clinicians do not shy away from collaboration when needed so that each evaluation is a complete and comprehensive product of years of experience.

- We understand how to effectively communicate different psychological approaches and ideas, as well as how they fit into the legal system, in an easily understandable format.

Psychological Consulting Services

- Every case at PCS is treated as a new, unique situation. You can be assured that you will receive detailed attention and specified execution for your individual case.

- Every staff member is dedicated to upholding the highest standard of professionalism.

Expert Licensed Psychologists


After 21 years of practice, PCS has developed core values that embody our business and have been adopted by each of our staff members.

Our Staff

PCS partners and associates are all trained, experienced, and licensed in psychology, neuropsychology, or social work. Our staff members are here to assist you in the evaluation and assessments necessary to complete court proceedings. We offer court-ordered evaluations to help with cases such as criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, risk assessment, fitness for duty, sexual dangerousness, employment pre-screenings, and parenting/guardianship evaluations.

You can be assured that each of our clinicians has been trained in their respective fields at the highest level of independent practice. To see what background, education, and training each one of staff members has completed, please take a moment to review the Curricula Vitae of our partners and associates.